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National Shopping Service Network creates a customized program for each client based on your needs and goals.  Our team works closely with you to determine the type of program that will attain the most meaningful results.  Using advanced reporting technology, we are committed to quality and delivering comprehensive information, guaranteed to meet or exceed your expectations.

We currently serve and have experience working with a variety of industries - automotive, financial, retail, health, food service, municipal government and the list goes on.  Let's talk about your industry and unique needs.  We maintain an extensive database of shoppers in all US states and Canadian provinces who are ready to provide the feedback you need to improve business, provide an enhanced experience for customers, and increase revenues. 


Measurement is the first step in determining what methods are successful and what can be improved. Let the National Shopping Service Network team guide you to the solution that will provide you data with meaning!

Mystery Shopping In-Person


Mystery Shopping By Phone

By Phone

Mystery Shopping Online

On the web

An in-person evaluation provides valuable, reality-based feedback necessary to ensure your employees consistently deliver the quality service you expect. 

Our shoppers will visit your location in-person to evaluate the customer experience, assess quality and cleanliness or confirm compliance.

We have an extensive database of shoppers across the US and Canada ready to provide the information you need!

A telephone call is often the first interaction a customer has with your business. 


Assess the service and impression your organization gives by phone.  Make sure your customers' needs are met when they make a phone call to reach your business.   

The experience can be reported in writing, or the call can be recorded for you to hear firsthand. 

A consumer's ability to research a business online prior to visiting a store has become an integral part of the purchase journey. 


Find out if your site presents the image you desire.  Evaluate communication submitted online to ensure timely, effective responses. 

Our staff can review your web presence or we can gather perspective from our shoppers.  

Methods of Evaluaton
Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping plays a key role in helping organizations improve and maintain a competitive advantage.  We work with you to develop a program that provides actionable feedback and focuses on your organization's goals and key performance indicators.  Use your program to:

  • Measure Customer Satisfaction

  • Support an Employee Reward or Incentive Program

  • Evaluate Quality Assurance

  • Gather Competitive Intelligence

Reality-based data compiled in our mystery shopping reports will allow your company to identify areas where you excel and where you can benefit from changes or improvements.

Know how your business is seen from a customer's point of view to help make the decisions that impact your profitability and success.  

People Learning Benefits of Mystery Shopping

Custom Programs

Do you have a need that is not described in our list of services? 

We have completed many different types of programs and projects.  Too many to list!


Let's talk about how NSSN can help your organization!

Market Research

Market Research projects provide numerous benefits to any organization.  Whether you need to survey specific demographics, measure a new product or service or collect data to make business decisions, we can help.

Some projects we have completed include:

  • Pricing Audits

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Data Collection and Distribution

  • Surveys and Exit Interviews

  • New Product or Service Measurement

  • Merchandising

Contact us to discuss your market research needs!

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits are vital to an organization's quality control.  We will provide the data you need to make certain your corporate standards are met. 


Implement an audit program to:

  • Drive Training Efforts

  • Confirm Facility Conditions

  • Verify Product Placement

  • Ensure Brand Reputation Standards

Audit assignments can be done covertly or the shopper can reveal themselves to your business as a designated auditor.  Evaluations can be provided in written format and can include photos if desired.

People Having Fun Mystery Shopping

Each report you receive from National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) is guaranteed to meet your expectations.

How it works



We listen closely to your needs and goals. You will work with one of our Client Account Managers to create a program that is right for your organization.



We carefully build a program that checks everything on your list. If you are in a rush, a program build can be done in less than a week!



We launch your program and find qualified shoppers to perform your desired tasks and provide feedback. The reports go through our quality assurance process before they are delivered to you.



We analyze the submitted data and create reports to present you with meaningful and actionable information. If changes to the program are required, we work with you to implement updates.



We work with you to set up a schedule that will provide you the on-going feedback you need to keep your business performing at its best.

We continue this process throughout the life of your program. If modifications need to be made, we work with you to implement appropriate changes and move forward with the next round when you are ready. These changes and program modifications are all done by NSSN at no additional cost to you.

How it Works
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