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Scam Info

We have been made aware of scam attempts by mail, email and/or text using our company name. 


Website Form Scam

Scammers may send you a text or email indicating they have an opportunity for a part-time mystery shopper to earn hundreds of dollars.  They then direct you to click a link to visit a website to 'register.'  DO NOT click the link in the message or complete the form on the website. We would never send out unsolicited texts/emails or gather information in this manner.

Letter and Cashier's Check Scam

We DO NOT contact shoppers by postal mail, and we would NEVER send a cashier's check in the mail.  If you receive a letter and/or cashier's check, please report the scam using one of the methods listed below.

Gift Card Scam

These scam messages may be asking you to purchase gift cards and/or they may ask you to evaluate a well-known establishment, such as Walmart or Kmart.  They may also ask you to purchase money orders at the post office.  Please DO NOT respond to ​any texts or emails claiming to be from National Shopping Service Network asking for your address and/or offering to send you a check in the mail to complete an assignment.  We would never conduct an actual assignment in that manner.

**DO NOT respond to a letter or attempt to cash a cashier's check.**

**DO NOT enter your contact information into an unknown website.**


Our company website is and our emails are from that domain as well. If you are referred to a website, CHECK THE WEBSITE ADDRESS.  If it is something like "",  it is NOT our company website.  If you got an email, CHECK THE EMAIL ADDRESS.  If it is from any domain other than, it is NOT from our company. 

Subscription Fees

We DO NOT charge shoppers a subscription or membership fee, and we do not collect account numbers for this purpose.  It is FREE for all shoppers to register on our website.  If you have a charge to your account and are unsure who charged you, contact your bank to determine the source of the charge.

Reminders about avoiding scams:

  • NSSN will never send you a cashier's check or money order in the mail. 

  • If you receive an offer that sounds too good to be true, like purchase a few gift cards and keep $300, it's likely a scam. An offer to earn $300 to $600 per week is highly unlikely for a legitimate mystery shopping assignment.

  • Emails from our company will ONLY come from the domain  Emails from any other domain, such as gmail or yahoo, are not from a representative of our company.  ​

  • We would only text or call you if you have given us your number when registering with us as a shopper.


What can you do?

When we learn of a scam using our company name, we report it to the proper authorities and would encourage you to do the same.  Below are several ways you can report this scam attempt.

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