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Immediate benefits can be seen after implementing a mystery shopping, audit or market research program. Benefits continue to accrue long after the program has begun and strengthens your competitive edge.

Data gathered from our mystery shopping programs will allow your company to identify areas where you excel and areas where you can benefit from improvements. Mystery shopping programs have been proven to improve business operations and profitability.  

Best of all, your program can evolve as you grow and change to meet your needs.

    Understand the customer experience at your business. Our programs will give you the ability to learn about the customer experience and how it could be improved. According to a Walker study, by 2020 the customer experience will overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator. Did you know that 72% of customers share a positive experience with 6 or more people? An enhanced customer experience will lead to increased referrals and sales! Our shoppers will provide unique, unbiased perspectives that will contribute to your competitive advantage. Reports submitted will provide valuable suggestions on what areas to improve in order to increase satisfaction of the overall customer experience with your place of business.
    Mystery shopping programs can help you focus your efforts in the right areas to retain customers and earn their referrals. Acquiring a new customer can cost five times as much as keeping the ones you have. Invest in your customers and watch your business grow! Use a mystery shopping program to monitor upselling and cross-selling. Ensure specials are adequately described and offered to customers to increase their check total. A mystery shopping program allows you to monitor upselling and cross-selling to make sure your employees are using these techniques to increase a customer's life time value and the average value per customer.
    What are your strengths and weaknesses as compared to another business in your industry? Ultimately, your business needs to know what will make a customer drive past your competitor to visit your location instead. You will easily see a return on investment with a program that assesses the experience a customer has with one or more of your competitors. Price wars are not necessary. Customers will happily pay more when they know a company values them. ​ Customer experience is a competitive differentiator. Mystery shopping will help you learn what you are doing right and where there is opportunity for improvement.
    Companies spend significant time and budget training employees. A mystery shopping program will allow you to monitor standard procedures and expected internal controls that should be followed by staff. Catch your employees doing it right! Alternately, you can make certain there are no ethical violations or inaccurate reporting. Ensure product and service charges are correct at all of your locations and identify any inconsistencies to quickly make modifications. This type of program will continually reinforce company standards and give you an opportunity to rectify any issues, large or small.
    Results from a mystery shopping program will support an employee incentive program, which will boost employee loyalty and morale. When you employ staff members who are comfortable and confident with company standards, you will see improved productivity levels and lower staff turnover.
    With a properly designed mystery shopping program, you can identify the areas where marketing is successful and where improvements could be made. We can also provide valuable feedback about a new product or service to allow you to learn about its strengths or opportunities for improvement. Identify customer needs, opinions and general experience comments to understand current needs and interests to focus resources in the right area.
    Measure how your business performs as a whole and use this information to restructure as needed to grow and develop your business. Know where to target your resources.
    According to a survey of consumers, 87% feel that brands need to put more effort into a consistent experience. Monitor and be aware of inadvertent changes that happen overtime. Again, an outstanding customer experience is what sets businesses apart from the competition.
    Our reports allow for comparisons between your identified regions, locations or managers. Consider using this information to drive competition between your locations and increase productivity. Mystery shopping visits will also allow you to confirm that your management staff is interacting with customers and enhancing their customer experience while boosting employee performance at the same time
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