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Registration with National Shopping Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) - www.mysteryshopper.net is always free!

It is our advice that shoppers avoid companies that charge fees to register as a mystery shopper, or that offer a list of mystery shopping company names for sale. Information on mystery shopping companies is free with a little bit of research on the internet and there is no need to pay for this information. Companies selling lists often promise jobs, but this is not necessarily true. As a shopper, you must still sign up with the different companies, and they may or may not have shops/jobs available in your area. The companies selling these lists provide shoppers with false expectations which lead to disappointment and anger when they are not fulfilled.

Implementing the following for yourself can assist in creating a more rewarding and profitable shopping experience.

1. Sign up with as many shopping companies as possible. If a company does not have something in your area at the moment, do not deactivate your registration. Companies only have shops available where their clients are, and when those clients are actively running shops. Although there may not be a shop available at the moment, leaving your registration with the company ensures that you will be contacted when there is a job available.

2. Keep good notes. Keep a journal of the website address, company name, date of registration, your shopper number, user name, password, and contact information for the company. When you accept assignments with a company, log what company the shop is with and the assignment or reference number.

3. Have reasonable expectations. If you are looking to get rich quick... this is not the field for you. Mystery shopping is a great part time income generator and a fun way to get some services for free or reduced prices by being willing to submit reports on your experience.

If you have unwittingly paid money for a list of mystery shopping company names, or paid for a registration and wish to have your money returned, you will need to review the paperwork you may have been given when you paid. Return to that company directly to ask for your money back. Remember that companies names that may have been provided on the list have nothing to do with the company that had you pay for the list.

Visit www.mysteryshopper.net/scam.asp for more information on scams to avoid.

For more information about mystery shopping, please view our presentation.

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