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At a Glance,
Our E-Comment Services

E-comment is an electronic blend of a comment card and a mystery shopping report.

We initially created Opinion.MysteryShopping.Net for the post security areas of airports to cope with some of the mystery shopping difficulties encountered after 9-11.

Any customer of an enterprise displaying our Opinion.MysteryShopping.Net logo may access and file a quick evaluation form at the web address on the face of our logo.

Our clients may display our Opinion.MysteryShopping.Net logo at their sales counter, cash register area, buttons that employees wear and on the receipts their patrons receive.

All of the Opinion.MysteryShopping.Net filed reports accumulate as E mail or at a password protected and encrypted page on our server. In either instance they are readily and 'confidentially' available to our clients.

Fees are based on a monthly per store schedule. Cash prizes are determined and awarded by our clients.

Please contact us with information about your particular situation and we will see how we can serve you.