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What is Mystery Shopping?

Business people across the US and Canada hire National Shopping Service Network, LLC (NSSN) to send people like you to their place of business, and have you evaluate them. It is important to know what might be going on in their business when they are away. Some questions that a business person may want to have answered may include: are their employees behaving courteously, stealing, eating on the job, being rude, wearing their name tag and uniform correctly, giving correct change, using specific language with customers, showing up on time etc. By answering these questions the business will be able to run their business more effectively.

The average mystery shopper does enough mystery shopping to earn a little extra income, get to eat out free every once in awhile, enjoy a free video rental, and have fun making an important contribution to businesses and the world of customer service improvement.

By registering to be a mystery shopper, you will be considered for mystery shopping assignments. When we have assignments in your area, we will contact you via email. There is no obligation to accept a shop in your area, and assignments are given on a first come, first serve basis. You will receive confirmation of your assignment, as well as detailed instructions on where, when and how to complete the shop. Then you use your computer to complete the evaluation form on our World Wide Web site, or as instructed when you receive the assignment. We will pay you a fee for your efforts, plus 'in most instances' you get to keep the merchandise you are instructed to purchase. How Do I Get Paid?

We cordially invite you to join our registry. Please complete the online application as thoroughly as possible, so that we are aware of your interest, availability and willingness to perform current as well as future mystery shopping assignments.

After you submit your information, you should see a confirmation of receipt on your screen. Please log in regularly to update your information if necessary. You may want to keep track of your shopper number, as it is needed to update your information. If you do not, you may access it by asking for it later.

If you have any problems registering, or would like more information, please visit our FAQ section or contact us.

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