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How Much Do I Get Paid?

When we have a shopping assignment in your area, you will receive an email inquiry asking whether you would like to do a shop. In that email, the general details of what you need to do to complete the shop and what you will be paid and/or reimbursed.

In general, a shopper can expect to receive between $5.00 and $75.00 for completing a shop, with the average shop paying a fee of $15.00 plus expenses. Shoppers typically spend their own money for the purchases of services or products that NSSN instructs them to buy. NSSN then pays their shoppers within 30 days of approval for a valid report. For shops where a purchase is required, there is often a cap on the amount the shopper may spend, or the services they may receive.

Example: You are asked to shop a family restaurant. The shop will cover a meal for you and one guest, but the total cost is capped at $40.00. Any amount over and above the $40.00, and meals for more than the shopper and a guest would not be reimbursed by NSSN, and would be the responsibility of the shopper.

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